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At Bodywise we can provide help and support to increase your fertility, for both men and women. For support with your pregnancy, we have a range of practitioners and therapies to help with pregnancy related conditions you may be experiencing and in preparing for the birth.

For Fertility Related Issues

Tejapushpa treats women and men with acupuncture who want to increase their fertility. They have experience of working with clients who are having difficulty conceiving, are undergoing IVF treatment or who have miscarried. More information visit our Acupuncture page.



Massage is particularly helpful in pregnancy and childbirth, providing a nurturing, supportive and relaxing environment during this time of change. It supports the physical changes in the body and can relieve specific conditions e.g. muscle tension, lower back pain, poor circulation and swollen ankles. It promotes deep relaxation and can help with sleep problems. To book a Massage or for more information visit our Massage page.


Support for your Pregnancy & Baby

Pregnancy Yoga
Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have been pregnant before, Pregnancy Yoga is here to help you live your pregnancy the best possible way, preparing yourself both mentally and physically for the birth of your baby/babies. Janine Hurley is also co-author and research partner in a major study at Manchester University proving yoga lowers stress and anxiety in pregnancy. The classes are suitable for all pregnancy stages from 14 weeks onwards. Thursdays 11.45am-1pm with an option to attend 12-1pm. No previous yoga experience is necessary. For more information and FAQ Pregnancy Yoga page.

Tejapushpa works with individual clients, helping them throughout pregnancy and addressing pregnancy related conditions e.g. morning sickness, indigestion, oedema, irregular bleeding, back and abdominal pain and foetal positioning. Acupuncture is an effective treatment appropriate throughout pregnancy and to aid recovery after the birth. More information visit our Acupunture page.

Shiatsu for Pregnancy & Birth
Are you looking for a relaxing, effective treatment which is safe during pregnancy? Natural alternatives around labour and birth? A quiet space to connect with yourself and your baby?Hannah works with individual clients, helping them throughout pregnancy and addressing pregnancy related conditions e.g. nausea, vomiting, indigestion, oedema, irregular bleeding, back and abdominal pain and foetal positioning. Baby overdue? Shiatsu has been shown to increase the chance of going into labour spontaneously. She is available to assist at the birth of your baby, should you want this type of support either at home or in hospital. She also works with women in the postnatal period, helping your body to recover and return to optimal health. Hannah Mackay has completed specialist training in using shiatsu during maternity care. More information visit our Shiatsu page.

Support for You & your Baby

Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness for Birth
Janine has completed a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy training at The Christie Hospital, providing pain relief using hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques. Prepare for birth in the best possible way using these calming techniques. For more information contact Janine at Creative Calm

Couples Birth Workshop
Demystifying birth for the partners, fun two hour workshop, exploring the journey of birth, weaved with a little hypno relaxation! Prepare for birth in the best possible way, suitable from 32 weeks, no need to have attended my classes. Contact Janine at Creative Calm for next workshop date.

Baby Massage
Baby massage is a very special way to communicate with your baby and can also promote sleep and relieve colic. It also provides an opportunity to meet other mothers in a safe and supportive environment. Specific strokes are taught to help alleviate common baby ailments. For Baby Massage with Janine Hurley contact her at

Shiatsu Massage
Hannah Mackay treats babies with Shiatsu Massage, She qualified with a Diploma in Holistic Care in Pregnancy, Birth and Babyhood with Wellmother in 2001.

Mum & Baby Yoga class
Janine Hurley runs Mum and baby yoga classes every Thursday 1.15pm-2.15pm.

Mum and Baby Yoga