Andrea Hughes

Andrea teaches the Alexander Technique, a simple method that helps to identify unnecessary tension in your body during movement or thought. When you can recognise your patterns of tension then you can learn to stop having them and therefore remove the associated problems.

The Alexander Technique is commonly known to help improve chronic back and neck pain and is now recommended by the NHS for a host of health issues. It is known to improve performance in all activities and can resolve a host of health problems related to poor use and give a greater feeling of well being.

Traditionally actors and musicians receive AT lessons during their training and professional career to improve performance, cope with stage fright and help to avoid repetitive strain injuries. It is now being sought out by business professionals to improve performance during presentations and to counterbalance the impact of stress.

Andrea originally worked as a Production Designer in television drama and thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced, high pressure environment. She understands how the physical and psychological pressures of work can take their toll on the body especially since she became a mum and had to juggle childcare with a demanding job.
Since training to be a teacher, she has ceased to have lower back pain, has become more comfortable in challenging situations (a bit of an introvert, she had “learnt” to be confident) and is able to apply the Alexander Technique to every situation, gardening, playing the flute, walking the dog and just being more mindful of the life she’s living. She’s incredibly passionate about the many benefits the technique can bring to her students.

Here’s some information for you about the benefits of the technique:

There is evidence to suggest that the Alexander Technique can benefit you by:
• Reducing long-term back pain by an average of 86% *. Lessons may lead to reduced back pain-associated disability for up to a year or more
(*source British Medical Journal)
• Reducing long-term neck pain by an average of at least 31% * . Lessons may lead to reduced back pain-associated disability for up to a year or more
(*source Annals of Internal Medicine)
• Managing Parkinson’s Disease (in the NICE guidelines). Lessons may help you carry out every day tasks more easily, improve balance and how you feel about your condition
• Increasing breathing capacity and energy
• Improving balance and co-ordination which may help to prevent falls in the elderly
• Managing stress and general unease
• Providing a method for self-efficacy and self care for long term conditions

The Alexander Technique is taught in comfortable clothing, 1-1 and a lesson lasts for 45 minutes. Couples or parent and child lessons can also be arranged. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Please phone Andrea for a chat to see how the Technique can help you.
Andrea Hughes BA (Hons), MA, MSTAT

Phone: 07763 103311

A 45 minute lesson with Andrea costs £50.

Andrea is a Professional member of STAT, CHNC, BACKCARE and you can find her profiles with these organisations. She also has a fully enhanced DBS certificate.