Shiatsu Dip

I trained at the Yorkshire School of Shiatsu with Julie Shearn and qualified as a practitioner in July 2003 and I have been practicing professionally since then.

What I love about shiatsu as a technique is its diversity. It can be very physical or very soft; it can involve a lot of movement in terms of stretches and rotations and it can also be very still.

This is the case because shiatsu works with each individual in each moment, trying to respond appropriately to the person’s needs whether they be physical or emotional. For example, if someone is feeling stiff and would like to be stretched and worked into very deeply, the touch required for this is very different than if the same person has recently had a bereavement and is feeling sad and quiet.

What my shiatsu training has taught me and continues to teach me, is how to listen. How to listen to the picture that each individual client is painting before me whether that be in terms of what they say or how their body is held. What it also continues to teach me is how to respond – what is appropriate in this moment for this person and of course as the client changes, to follow that and to respond to what is needed right now.

How do I need to touch to help this person feel more at ease and more spacious? What is needed when someone walks in complaining of a ‘bad back’? How do I need to hold this person when they are feeling sad? What is required when someone comes in and tells me that they are suffering from chronic fatigue? How do I need to meet them when they are angry? Each situation requires something unique.

What I strive for in my shiatsu practice is to be there for the client, to communicate through touch that it is all right to be who you are and to support the changes that occur when a web of symptoms are correctly diagnosed and appropriately treated.

I am based in Berlin and see clients at Bodywise one Saturday a month. Some appointments are available.
Initial appointment £57
Follow-up appointment £48
Concessions sometimes available
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