Introduction to Energy Work

Get to know your energy, your body and learn new skills to restore your energy. If you are a bodywork therapist, learn more skills and techniques to deepen your practise. Learn to give friends a relaxing Shiatsu massage treatment. Introduction to Energy works weekend workshop 26-27 September with Manchester Shiatsu College. Cost £130. This is also an opportunity to find out more if you’ve ever considered training as a Shiatsu therapist as the College holds their training at Bodywise Manchester. For more information or to book, contact the Shiatsu College

Introduction to Shamanism

Saturday 3 October – an experiential day that covers the basics of shamanic practice. An eye-opening experience that opens a rich and amazing world of possibilities. Participants are shown simple yet profound techniques to enter shamanic reality to reconnect to their own spirituality. No prior experience is necessary. Cost: £40. Attending an Introductory day is also a pre-requisite for other Shamanism workshops Paul runs in Lancaster. For more information or to book, contact Paul Francis and more information about Paul Francis and Therapeutic Shamanism

More information at weekend workshops