Restore to Recharge Yoga class – Jane – STUDIO AND ONLINE


12:45 pm - 2:00 pm

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Restore to Recharge Yoga class with Jane Craggs 12.45-2pm

This class is run in the Bodywise studio and online.

In person: £10/£8 concessions
Online: £7/5 concessions

Please get in touch with Jane to book at

This mid-day yoga session is designed to help slow down and relax the nervous system so that we can access more energy through the day. So much of our modern life is lived at breakneck speed, and with the plethora of stimuli to all our senses, we need to be able to return to the “rest and digest, tend and befriend” response of the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system.
This session is for anyone who needs a more gentle and nourishing approach, focusing on the breath and how it can support the practice of yoga, we will access small and subtle movements of the body, combined with supported restorative postures, some sound work and deep relaxation.

Floor/Chair based and breath led, this class gradually allows the nervous system to settle and move away from fight/flight/freeze responses.

The class is ideal for students with chronic health issues such as ME, fibromyalgia or any kind of fatigue. It is also perfect for anyone in recovery or with anxiety or low mood.
Or perhaps you just want to attend a nurturing and soothing session to counter hectic city life?
Whatever your reason for attending you will be given personalised attention, Jane is a fully qualified Yoga therapist as well as an experienced senior teacher.