Most of our classes and workshops are now cancelled. However, treatments and other one-to-one activities are still going on for the time being with increased hygiene precautions. Natural Health Centres are not classified as ‘social settings’ and our work contributes to the wellbeing of clients, so our advice is to remain open. Much of what we offer will be moving to be available on-line.
For a more accurate picture, please contact your practitioner/teacher directly if that is possible, and if not phone us or drop us an email and we will endeavour to give you the information you require. The Buddhist Centre, with whom we are sharing the building, is now closed to the public until at least 20th April. However, you can use the Bodywise buzzer and the practitioner/teacher/receptionist will let you in.

We aim to have our calendar updated to reflect the situation ASAP but as we are a small team – and with the situation changing rapidly – it may not be immediate.

We hope you all stay safe and well.
The Bodywise Team