Rebecca Entwistle

Rebecca is an experienced yoga teacher and particularly enjoys yin yoga and the work with meridians and how this intersects with Thai massage. Her classes explore the body through mindful movement, breath awareness and playful curiosity. 

Rebecca undertakes regular CPD in both bodywork and yoga. She most recently qualified as a Menopause Yoga teacher. She offers workshops and classes that nourish and nurture women during this transition. 

Rebecca made the shift to bodywork from her previous career as a teacher as she felt drawn to work with her hands. She discovered the spiritual practice of Thai massage, with its roots in India and Buddhism, and instinctively knew this to be her path. She has also practised meditation for ten years. Her mindfulness practice carries through into her treatments as the practice of Thai massage is one of mindful awareness, connecting with breath and cultivating Mettā. 

Rebecca is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association, Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals UK.

Rebecca Entwistle

Yoga with Rebecca

Rebecca is not currently running yoga classes at Bodywise.

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