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Qi Gong

Qi Gong is said to have come about in ancient China when people immersed in nature, found movements that made them feel as free, relaxed and at ease as the birds and as flowing as the rivers!

Qi Gong is made up of simple flowing movements you do standing or seated. We let the movements slow us down and calm our body and mind. In this way, we are encouraging groundedness, balance and calm.

Qi Gong movements are simple, often taking their inspiration from animals and nature.
The movements follow energy channels in the body as in acupuncture, shiatsu and yoga.

You don’t need any equipment or special clothing. We start with gentle exercises to mobilise the joints, then move onto a simple movement that we repeat, breathing naturally. We shake out tension and create feelings of expansiveness, so Qi Gong can leave us feeling revived in body, mind and emotions.

I like to make Qi Gong accessible, so come along and try it and see if you feel good too!

I qualified as a Teacher in Five Elements Chi Kung with the College of Elemental Chi Kung, London and have practised other forms of chi kung and tai chi throughout my life. I’ve also been meditating and exploring Buddhist principles for 20 years or more.

Qi Gong Class

Day: Thursdays – No class on 5 April
Time: 10.30-11.30am
Cost: £7.50 or £6 concession
You don’t need to book in advance, just turn up.

Please check Calendar for holiday breaks.