Qi Gong

Please Note

Agata will now be running her class on Wednesdays online via Zoom from 1 April. Please contact her at agataalcaniz@iCloud.com for logging information.

Qi Gong for Healing and Wellbeing Class

Gentle class suitable for all levels

Day: Thursdays
Time: 10.30-11.30am
Cost: £8 or £6.50 concession
You don’t need to book in advance, just turn up.

Please check Calendar for holiday breaks.

The Qi Gong practiced in these sessions is suitable for anyone, even those who need to practice seated. Qi Gong is a meditative movement practice that helps people to connect with their breathing and the here and now. Once we relax our mind, our whole body, including our muscles and emotions, can loosen up. Qi Gong is very grounding and relaxing, so after practicing, we feel a sense of wellbeing and balance.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the practice makes our energy flow nicely throughout the different meridians in our body, getting rid of any stagnation, tension or pain along the way. This helps us to keep healthy and allows us to heal.

The Qi Gong in these sessions covers a range of styles, from the most ancient to the most contemporary forms. We cover the Five Element Qi Gong at the start of each season and work its associated organs, meridians and emotions. This helps our bodies to be in balance with the different qualities throughout the year. We also practice the ancient Eight Silk Brocades, the Five Animals, the healing sounds of Qi Gong, and the more contemporary Shibashi forms.

Come along! Attendants just need to wear comfortable clothes and anti-slip socks.

If you have further inquiries or want to discuss health issues before attending, please do not hesitate to contact me beforehand.

Contact Àgata Alcañiz
07854 960 773