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Movement Teachers

Below is a list of the Movement Teachers working at Bodywise:

Anne Robertson

MCSP I spent almost 40 years an an NHS physiotherapist in Manchester, working in hospitals and in the community. Iʼve worked mainly with people living with neurological disorders, their families and carers. I became aware of the Feldenkrais Method through my work about ten years ago and was really excited by the possibilities it offered... Read more

Kate Engineer

Kate trained in Holistic Massage over 20 years ago with the Chalice Foundation. Kate’s original training in Contemporary Dance has given her a deep understanding of bodies in motion. She is trained in Pilates and often prescribes exercises alongside massage. All these different elements of her experience inform her massage practice. She works holistically and... Read more


As well as teaching yoga, Padmadarshini offers some Somatic Movement workshops, drawing on her studies of IBMT – Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy. In these workshops she explores how we can move from the inside out – allowing movement to arise from listening to impulses within the bodymind and from outer stimuli. She is currently... Read more

Saara Kavanagh

I started my career as a professional dancer after completing my Master’s degree in Contemporary Dance in Helsinki, Finland. I worked as a dancer for several years before finding my passion in the Feldenkrais Method. I studied it briefly during my dance studies, but only later found it to be essential for my interest in... Read more