Movement Teachers

Please Note

Please check with each teacher whether they are currently offering their classes or one-to-one sessions online

Below is a list of the Movement Teachers working at Bodywise:

Anne Robertson

MCSP I spent almost 40 years an an NHS physiotherapist in Manchester, working in hospitals and in the community. Iʼve worked mainly with people living with neurological disorders, their families and carers. I became aware of the Feldenkrais Method through my work about ten years ago and was really excited by the possibilities it offered... Read more

Kate Engineer

It looks like it is still going to be a while before I can return to doing ‘hands on’ treatments at BodyWise. I have been thinking through what to do in the meantime and so I am offering the following: Individual online sessions working with:a. Self-massage techniques, to ease aches and painsb. Pilates to increase... Read more