Barbara Medda

MrSS, CNHC regd.

I have been practicing Shiatsu since 2015 and completed my Shiatsu studies at the Shiatsu College Manchester in 2019, and I’m now a Shiatsu College Manchester teaching assistant. I am registered with the Shiatsu Society and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

I practice Shiatsu at Bodywise on Fridays and other days in South Manchester.

I have been receiving Shiatsu since 2005 and practicing yoga and meditation since 2000, I bring these experiences in my Shiatsu practice.

What I love about Shiatsu is how working on the body makes it possible to reach the individual’s emotional and spiritual aspects. I am fascinated about how emotions and experiences can mould our body. Conversely, relieving body tension can help to relieve stress and strong emotions.

To describe Shiatsu, I love to use the expression “empathic touch” because the touch in the Shiatsu practice is always caring, supporting, sympathetic, respectful and non- judgemental.

Shiatsu uses gentle pressure, stretching, manipulation and acupressure to encourage the free flow of Ki (energy) in the individual’s body-mind.
When the Ki is stuck or unbalanced it can cause pain, repressed or excessive emotions.

Shiatsu is used for:

  • stress related problems
  • anxiety and depression
  • insomnia
  • pain (e.g. back pain, sore neck, shoulders ache, legs….)
  • stiff neck
  • tension
  • improving body mobility and flexibility
  • support with grief and other strong emotions
  • improving energy, vitality and creativity
  • improving digestion, menstrual health
  • support with fibromyalgia, sciatica, frozen shoulder
  • support with chronic conditions and more

Supporting my clients is my first priority so I often give them easy exercises – tailored to their needs – to enhance the effects of the Shiatsu sessions.

I regularly run Zen body workshops, where I teach self-shiatsu and stretching meridians exercises for everyday wellbeing.

Barbara Medda (Babs) MrSS, CNHC regd
07557 528367

I treat clients at Bodywise on Fridays

Initial appointment £50
Follow up £40
Concessions available please ask

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