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Kathryn Entwistle / Kamaladhi

Kathryn Entwistle is a Professional Career Coach, NLP Practitioner & Practicing Buddhist.

Kathryn’s methods are particularly suited to mid-life career/job changers and people wishing to go self-employed. She specialises in assisting people who ‘make a positive difference’ through their work, or who aspire to. Kathryn’s approaches promote optimum work-life balance.

She coaches people from all walks of life and has personal experience of working within local government in environmental education, in global education within the charity sector, and then in personal development and career development in the private sector.

Kathryn found her vocation when she trained as a Coach and NLP Practitioner specialising in Career and Work-related Coaching.  In over 10 years in private practice she has helped more than a thousand clients, from a very wide variety of roles and sectors, find the best way forward in their career and align their work with what matters most to them.  She has become very skilled in facilitating great career decisions.