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Saara Kavanagh

I started my career as a professional dancer after completing my Master’s degree in Contemporary Dance in Helsinki, Finland. I worked as a dancer for several years before finding my passion in the Feldenkrais Method. I studied it briefly during my dance studies, but only later found it to be essential for my interest in movement and my wellbeing. Six years ago I found out about the Feldenkrais teacher training in the UK and immediately enrolled on to become a professional Feldenkrais practitioner. After 6 years of training (with a short break in the middle to have my son) in East Sussex at the Feldenkrais international Training Centre I have recently graduated in June 2023.

I’ve always been interested in movement not only from a dancer’s point of view but more from a general human perspective. What does movement mean to us in our daily lives? How can we improve our quality of life by moving more easily and effortlessly? How could we avoid injuries? But most importantly how could we become more aware of ourselves in movement and what kind of impact could that have in our whole wellbeing? The Feldenkrais Method has helped me to find answers to these questions.

As well as teaching group lessons, I also provide one-on-one Functional Integration lessons under the umbrella of the Feldenkrais Method. These have the same benefit as the group lessons, except that there’s more hands-on support and guidance from my part.

I’m also interested in combining my dance background with the ideas of the Feldenkrais Method in the form of improvisational movement research, which gives me an opportunity to be a lot more creative with everything I’ve learned in my professional life.

Contact Saara: 07510848488, email

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