Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing® with Nadia Miller

Somatic Trauma Therapy has been informed by the work of Stephen Porges, PhD, Polyvagal theory (theory that describes the three different branches of the autonomic nervous system) although it all started by understanding the work of Peter Levine, PhD, who developed Somatic Experiencing®.

Somatic Experiencing® is a bottom-up approach (body-based) to support clients become aware of incomplete fight/flight/freeze responses.

In terms of mindfulness, my approach is trauma-sensitive and compassion based. My mindfulness journey has been informed and inspired by the work of Vidyamala Burch, OBE, who co-founded Breathworks. Through helping to alleviate her own suffering, a seed was planted with the wish to help others alleviate their suffering too. This is now flourishing with a reach of over 100,000 people around the world and trained over 600 teachers in 35 countries. I am so happy to say that I am one of the 600 teachers.


I provide a compassionate, non-judgemental, and comfortable resourced space to become mindfully aware of one’s own present experience as well as a body-orientated approach to work with trauma. I can help you reconnect with your body, understand how the nervous system works and allow a space for the wisdom within to be witnessed.

I apply SE® to help alleviate and heal symptoms of PTSD, shock trauma, depression, anxiety and stress.

I help you integrate thwarted responses by helping you reconnect with your body, which in turn helps to regulate the nervous system. I do this by helping you feel resourced to explore these trauma responses in a non-overwhelming way, I am alongside you as a compassionate witness to help you re-integrate the life force energy you lost at the time of the event.

Unfortunately, we cannot talk our way out of trauma, the body has the answers.

Please note I only work with adults (18+)

Face to face appointments at Bodywise are available on Mondays
Appointments £65
Online appointments £55
I offer a free 30 min consultation.

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