The Feldenkrais Method®

The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique form of movement education. It uses awareness and your innate lifelong capacity for learning to help you to move with greater ease and efficiency.

The group aspect of the Feldenkrais Method® is called Awareness through Movement. These classes are verbally guided without judgment, copying competition or correction.

Moving with attention and doing only what feels pleasant allows you to sense yourself more fully. Connecting moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling brings more of yourself into action and allows your nervous system to recognise and update your habits.

Awareness through Movement lessons often use novel and intriguing sequences of movement. They are designed to give you the opportunity to build versatility and sense differences. It is only when we can tell one way of moving or one way of being from another that we can know which one best serves our intention.

It has been called practical neuroplasticity or mindfulness through movement and anyone can benefit.Awareness through Movement works with the whole self not separating the idea of body and mind so the benefits can be in all aspects of our lives, physical or emotional.

Anne Robertson MCSP
Contact Anne: 07951728862

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Feldenkrais Moments
International Feldenkrais Federation, Open the door and have a first impression of Feldenkrais.
A film by Mariano Nante and María Zinn.
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Feldenkrais Workshops

26 March 2022 – Love the Floor – 2-5pm – with Anne and Saara.

Email Anne for more information.

We will explore how we can use the floor to rediscover some of the fun and freedom of movement we experienced during childhood. Rediscovering natural patterns of action means our movement becomes easier and more elegant, gravity seems less, and our breathing and posture improve. For anyone who would like to move with more ease.

These workshops take place in Bodywise yoga studio and cost £40 or £35 concessions, each with a different focus of Feldenkrais.
Please book with Anne directly –

Feldenkrais Classes

Fridays – Mainly floor based
Suitable for all
Time: 12.45-1.45pm
Cost: £8 / £7 concession. Pay in advance
Also bookable as a course.
Q. Do I need to book? Yes with Anne directly at
Q. Do I need to bring anything? If possible please bring your own mat and /or blanket. Come ready for action, in comfortable clothes to avoid the need to fully change.

Feldenkrais ‘Moving on’ Studio and Online Classes

Do you want to explore Feldenkrais more? Contact Anne for more details about these classes , which include some challenging aspects of ATM.
Time: 2.15-3.15pm
Cost: £48 / £40 concession for a 6-week course in-person, £40 / £36 online.
Q. Do I need to book? Yes – with Anne directly –
Q. Do I need to bring anything? No just wear comfortable clothing

Please check calendar for class breaks. Please note there is no class on Bank Holidays.