Yoga Teachers

Below is a list of the Yoga Teachers working at Bodywise:

Christine Howitt

Christine is currently running her Tuesday course online via Zoom and her Wednesday course both online and in the studio. Although the Wednesday course is closed at the moment, Christine welcomes new students on her online Tuesday course. Please contact Christine directly if you are interested in joining a class. Christine Howitt is a Yoga... Read more

Jamie Rowland

Translated literally, Yoga means “Union”. Union of what? For Jamie, this union relates to reconnecting with our true selves—a practice of learning, discovery, or remembering who we are at our core. Jamie’s classes are designed to bring you out of your thinking mind and into the body with a strong focus on inner body awareness... Read more

Jane Craggs

Jane Craggs has been practising and studying yoga for 25 years and teaching since 2000. She originally trained as a yoga teacher whilst living in Spain and on her return to the UK set up Yogaspace and subsequently Manchester Yoga Shala, a collective of teachers committed to bringing authentic yoga to those who may not... Read more


Manjunaga has been exploring the insights and practices of meditation, yoga and Buddhism for over 30 years and draws from his in-depth training in Buddhist meditation practices and yoga to create an embodied practice that addresses the body, heart and mind. Manjunaga has taught at the Manchester Buddhist Centre for many years as well as... Read more

Marta Castillo

I started practising yoga 3 years ago in the middle the lockdown. At the beginning it was just a physical practice for me, it was not until after over a year practicing consistently that I started to understand what yoga really is. I decided then to take my journey a step further and took my... Read more

Maryline Higham

If you prefer, an online option is possible for pregnancy yoga and the 1.15pm baby yoga class. Contact Maryline for logging information, pricing etc. Maryline is a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher with 11 years teaching experience. Specialising in Restorative, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, she enjoys balancing the physical challenge of postures with the calming... Read more

Padmadarshini (Rosey Cole)

In my classes I offer a practice that will support you to feel more relaxed and at ease in yourself. Yoga is very effective for unravelling the physical and emotional stresses of daily life. Imagine feeling calmer, more grounded, kinder and more accepting towards yourself, your body softer, more open and alive. These are just... Read more

Rebecca Entwistle

Rebecca is an experienced yoga teacher and particularly enjoys yin yoga and the work with meridians and how this intersects with Thai massage. Her classes explore the body through mindful movement, breath awareness and playful curiosity.  Rebecca undertakes regular CPD in both bodywork and yoga. She most recently qualified as a Menopause Yoga teacher. She... Read more

Sofie Swindlehurst

Sofie teaches Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative yoga, principally in the Manchester area. Inspired by the natural world, her teaching respects the effect that the seasons have on the physical and energetic body. Her passion lies in sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga – be it to keep the body strong and supple, to heal or... Read more

Suzie Davis

After being introduced to yoga as a child by my grandmother, I’ve always been drawn to the practice. I found it freeing and it got me out of my mind and feeling self conscious. Practicing consistently for 6 years, I completed my 200-hour vinyasa flow teacher training course with Andrea Everingham in 2022. Andrea trained in the... Read more