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Self-Enquiry and Constellation Work

Please Note

*** Kate is not accepting new clients at the moment.*** If you already have done Constellation Work with Kate then you can still book.

This is an alternative approach for you if you are living with a chronic health condition that rumbles on despite treatment or a persistent symptom that you are having to ‘live with’ such as insomnia, anxiety, or long-term lower back pain.

Constellation work offers a different perspective using ‘Body Knowing’ or a somatic understanding to uncover what underlying factors are affecting your physical experience. It also widens the picture to include not just you but the whole of your family system and can illuminate the family loyalties that might be influencing you.
Through a process of self-enquiry, we can work together using visualisation and representation techniques to discover these hidden dynamics and loyalties.
This new information changes our relationship with our physical experience and removes the blocks that have been preventing the natural healing flow.

Sessions last just over an hour and cost £45.00

Please contact Kate Engineer if you are interested and would like to book an appointment or just have a chat about the process.

Kate Engineer
Contact Kate: 07905 363781

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