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As well as teaching yoga, Padmadarshini offers some Somatic Movement workshops, drawing on her studies of IBMT – Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy.

In these workshops she explores how we can move from the inside out – allowing movement to arise from listening to impulses within the bodymind and from outer stimuli. She is currently interested in exploring and sharing her love of the practice of Authentic Movement, a little known but very rich embodied relational movement practice. It’s a bit like doing a loving kindness meditation through movement! Whether through movement or meditation she is really interested in discovering how the body can be a doorway into listening to ourselves and can help us find a deeper, more open, easeful relationship to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Upcoming workshops

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Yoga with Padmadarshini
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“I attended yoga with Padmadarshini & had an amazing experience. She’s an incredibly sensitive & genuine teacher, whilst also being relaxed & friendly. I attended Somatic yoga which was very different to other yoga practices, it was exactly what I needed. It was very gentle and restorative, but focused entirely on awareness and physical perception, whilst working gently to mobilise the spine specifically. Most of the movement we worked through was not typical yoga poses & to be honest it was a total breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend to everyone, experienced or complete beginner. Go with an open mind.”
Google review

“I went to Somatic Yoga with Padmadarshini the other day and I came out feeling amazing! It was the perfect gentle session after a hard Monday at work. Will be back very soon!”
Jamie Crawford via Google

“I have been attending the Tuesday morning workshop for about a year. I have multiple injuries and experience daily pain and discomfort. Padmadarshini is incredibly patient, finding ways to accommodate my needs. I feel more flexible and comfortable in my body which has decreased my pain levels. Love this class.”
J Gilmour via email