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Grazyna Gwarek

Grazyna (she/her) is an integrative counsellor/psychotherapist who offers empathic and skilled service to clients motivated to engage actively in the process of therapy. She incorporates elements of Transactional Analysis, Person-Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies in her work. This combination offers a comprehensive framework and toolkit to support clients to appreciate different perspectives on their issues and make positive changes, if they wish to do so.

Grazyna has experienced therapy as a client herself and has become enthusiastic about the possible benefits such as greater understanding of self, self-acceptance, better relationships, the courage to test change, to set boundaries, and to live in the present with enjoyment and appreciation, to name a few.

Grazyna’s professional background includes tutoring and lecturing in adult education as well as a professional helping role in the NHS.

Grazyna is a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), adheres to its Ethical Framework, has professional insurance and undergoes regular supervision of her client work. In addition, she continues to build her counselling knowledge and skills. She currently works in English only and with individual adult clients.

Grazyna sees clients in person at Bodywise on Monday afternoons between 3 and 9pm. The priority for these sessions goes to clients able and willing to commit to weekly sessions. This work is open ended, which means we either contract to work for a specific number of hours, and/or we review our work regularly to see what is needed. The exception to this is OnePlus Therapy/Single Session Therapy – for more information about this type of work click here.

Grazyna works online on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For current information about online work please go to the Counselling Directory, put M40 in Location box and then the name Grazyna Gwarek in Keyword box.

Enquiries can be made by email at, or via the contact form on the Counselling Directory, or by text on +44 7340 932 656.


I see clients at Bodywise on Monday afternoon 3-9pm.
Tel: 07340 932 656

– open-ended therapy at Bodywise costs £60 per session (50 min) or £55 per session if the client is able and willing to pay in advance for one month (that usually, but not always, means 4 sessions).
– OnePlus Therapy costs £90 per session (50 min).
– for information about online work, please go to the Counselling Directory and put M40 in Location box and then the name Grazyna Gwarek in Keyword box.