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Nadia Miller

Nadia Miller is an experienced Mindfulness teacher and Somatic Experiencing® practitioner who specialises in helping others manage the effects and symptoms of trauma.

Nadia came to therapeutic practice after undergoing her own journey of healing from developmental and generational trauma. Having experienced first-hand the transformative power of compassion, Nadia became passionate about helping others find reconnection and healing within themselves.

Nadia’s first role in this capacity was as a volunteer at the Greater Manchester Mental Health Trusts Recovery Academy – a position she still holds. In this role, Nadia shares insights and inspiration from her own mental health journey with healthcare professionals and service users.

Keen to help others through compassion-focused therapeutic services, Nadia was drawn to the Breathworks approach to mindfulness. She began training with them, and in 2019 became an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher. She has since delivered mindfulness to adults and primary and secondary pupils, as well as co-founding a lunchtime meditation club in her role with the General Medical Council.

Shortly after becoming a mindfulness teacher, Nadia started guest lecturing at the University of Central Lancashire’s School of Psychology and Computer Science, sharing her experiences of trauma and healing as both a survivor and a professional.

In 2020, while on a retreat, Nadia was briefly introduced to Somatic Experiencing® and she was instantly inspired. She immediately read SE founder Peter Levine’s Waking the Tiger, and knew straight away that Somatic Experiencing® was something she wanted to learn and embody. She trained with SOS Internationale, and in April 2023 qualified as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. Read more about Somatic Experiencing here.

Nadia is committed to helping others learn to manage their trauma, and she shares valuable insights from her training and experiences to support others. She offers a body-centred approach to healing, supporting reconnection between the mind, body and spirit to enable flow and ease.

Nadia will soon be offering NeuroAffective Touch®. This is a professional psychobiological approach that integrates the key elements of somatic psychotherapy, attachment and developmental theory, and affective and interpersonal neurobiology. Polyvagal-informed, this therapy uses intentional, mindful touch to bring the unconscious memories held in the body into conscious awareness. This is done by offering direct communication and support to the body at the nonverbal level where we all receive our first imprints. NeuroAffective Touch® treats lifelong emotional traumas to reconnect us to the wholeness of our relational matrix.

Nadia is fully insured and committed to professional development. She is a member of Complimentary Therapists Association and adheres to their code of practice, as well as the EASE ethical guidelines, BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines and Breathworks Code of Conduct. She is also a member of the Somatic Experiencing Association UK.

Nadia Miller

Appointment £65 (£70 from 1 September)
Online appointment £55 (£60 from 1 September)
Nadia offers a free 30 min consultation
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“Nadia’s communication style is consistently clear and she is fantastic at gauging the right amount of information. She serves as an excellent guide, remaining sensitive, responsive, and collaborative without being directive. Her intuitive and perceptive nature shines through in our sessions, creating a supportive and empowering atmosphere. Additionally, her warmth and ability to hold space with feeling make each interaction deeply meaningful.
Skillful integration of somatic therapy techniques in the sessions helps me to explore my body, emotions, and inner world with safety and support. A refuge for deepening my connection with myself, unveiling hidden emotions, and nurturing self-awareness.”

“Having tried therapy before, with some success, I found that for me, there still seemed to be vital areas that remained untouched and unexplored. Though I am very new to somatic therapy, my time with Nadia gave me an emerging awareness of how this type of therapy could go beyond traditional talking therapies in order to connect with the deeper, authentic self. With Nadia, I felt heard and held within a space that allows and encourages only what is true and, importantly, only what I felt comfortable with at any given point. Nadia creates a nurturing and safe environment in which I felt supported at all times.”

“From my first session I noticed a positive change and continue to do so with each session.
Nadia provides a safe space with no judgement. She also gives insightful explanations of the nervous system and what you are experiencing in session.
To get the most out of sessions, go with an open mind, be open to suggestions, and let your body do what it needs to.”