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Lucy Ascham

Alexander Technique with Lucy

Do you suffer from poor posture, aches, or fatigue? Interested in addressing these issues at their root and boosting your energy naturally? The Alexander Technique might be your solution. Lucy Ascham’s journey with the Technique began in 1989 when she was a music student battling stage fright. A seasoned Alexander Technique teacher guided her to conquer anxiety and regain poise and coordination. This approach addresses coordination at its core, improving various aspects of life, from walking to sitting, standing, and breathing. Coordination, which encompasses our entire being, is key and foundational to all other movements and activities.

The Alexander Technique focuses on the whole person, promoting embodiment and self-care. It’s a learning process, involving unlearning old habits and adopting better movement patterns. Rather than dividing ourselves into mental, physical, or emotional compartments, the Technique recognizes us as unified, undivided beings. It can help you become more embodied and gain self-management skills.

We often react with habits based in fear – like trying to make yourself smaller or more rigid – this tightens your body, obstructing natural breath and movement. This can result in anxiety, headaches, back pain, and discomfort. Attempts to self-correct, like tucking in the chin or pulling in the stomach, often worsen imbalances and increase tension. The Alexander Technique offers an alternative by encouraging mindfulness of thoughts. It teaches you to stop interfering with your coordination first, then make a plan for the activity at hand. This shift in thinking can alleviate diverse symptoms, promote coordination, and ease tension.

The Alexander Technique prioritizes self-care, recognizing that taking care of yourself isn’t selfish but essential. Just like acquiring any skill, it demands practice and commitment. Think of it as advanced driving lessons for your body. This journey empowers you to navigate life with skill, grace, poise, and efficiency, making good posture effortless.

Don’t settle for less than your full potential. If you’re curious about achieving better posture, smoother movements, and an easier life with reduced wear and tear, explore the Alexander Technique. Reach out to Lucy to discuss your challenges and goals and see if this Technique is right for you. Contact Lucy on 07949 522 655 or at

Lucy passionately shares the benefits of the Alexander Technique in Manchester, Sheffield, and online. She completed her teacher training at Cumbria Alexander Training with the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique between 2000-03, a full-time three-year course. Since then, Lucy has continuously taught thousands of people individually and in groups and run Summer Schools and CPD Workshops for fellow Alexander Technique teachers.

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