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Alexander Technique with Lucy

Lucy Ascham came across the Technique in 1989 as a music student with stage fright. Happily this was resolved with the light touch and guidance of an experienced AT teacher. The mystery of what the teacher did was solved some 10 years later on her training course. She has effectively used the technique to improve her jogging, daily housework and gardening, and during pregnancy and childbirth. The many and diverse benefits of this work can be best understood by knowing that whatever we do, we do it with our whole selves. So if we have a tendency to move whilst trying to make ourselves smaller or to stand up ‘straight’, we end up tight and inflexible, and our breath can’t move fully. This can lead to feeling anxious, headaches, back pain and feeling generally ‘not quite right’. If we try to fix ourselves and try to ‘do the right thing’ by tucking in our chin, shoulders down, tummy in ideas, we can end up out of balance and even adding more tension, rather than releasing it! When we become more choiceful about our thoughts – we can transform all sorts of diverse symptoms. We can look after our general coordination, nourishing the whole of ourselves, and through this practice, iron out unhelpful tension patterns, aches and pains. This is a very different mindset to most forms of healing which look at symptom control. We feed the general coordination, refrain from getting the job done regardless of the cost to ourselves, and prioritise looking after ourselves. This is not selfish, but self-full. A great way of being responsible for our healthy movement, so we can be the best we can be in each moment.

Like anything that is worth attaining, it takes some work and practice. Working on ourselves, so we know ourselves more fully, is a wonderful experience in self-compassion, mindfulness, posture, and self care. You will need a Teacher to show you – its something like advanced driving lessons. And this is about how you drive yourself / your body around. Learn to do this with skill, grace, poise and more efficiency. Life can be easier and more pleasurable with less wear and tear. Don’t put up with being less than you are, come and find out how to harness nature’s postural reflexes for good posture and easier movements. What if standing up at your full stature didn’t have to be hard work? The AT uses simple ideas which can be used by everyone with a spine to rediscover you own best self.

Phone Lucy for a chat about what you’d like to achieve and if this marvelous Technique is a fit for you.

Telephone Lucy: 07949 522 655 and 0114 230 7980
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Lucy works in Manchester and Sheffield and loves to work with groups and individuals.

Lucy studied at Cumbria Alexander Training 2000-03 and runs a Summer School and CPD Workshops for other AT Teachers.

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