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Therapeutic Shamanism

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is our most ancient spiritual tradition, being practised for tens of thousands of years in every part of the world where humans have settled.

Shamanism is based on direct personal experience and provides a set of tools which can be used in many ways, including for healing and personal and spiritual development. One of the basic principles of shamanism is the belief that everything is alive and has a spirit and as humans we are connected to everything.

What is therapeutic shamanism?

Therapeutic Shamanism is shamanism for the present day. It combines ancient shamanic practices with an understanding of modern psychotherapy and counselling, which is concerned with empowering and enabling the client to reach their full potential. The practitioner helps the client recover their own spiritual authority, power and wholeness.

Why people come for shamanic healing

Shamans believe illness and ‘dis-ease’ are caused by one of two things: a lack of power or a loss of soul. Power loss occurs when we cut ourselves off from the natural world around us, and lose our sense of interconnectedness. Reconnecting brings power back to us.

Soul loss occurs due to traumatic events, when a part of us fractures off and literally flees. It can also occur when we repeatedly deny and repress parts of ourselves, often to survive difficult childhoods or adult relationships; eventually these parts become lost to us. Soul loss feels like something is missing.

Both soul loss and power loss leave gaps within us leaving us incomplete and vulnerable. Shamanic healing involves techniques to return the person to a sense of wholeness and strength.

The symptoms of soul loss and power loss are many and often similar, they include:

  • A sense of somehow being incomplete; that something is ‘missing’
  • Feelings of numbness or flatness; of just going through the motions
  • Feelings of hopelessness, apathy and indifference; a lack of spark
  • A sense of being disconnected from life or what is around you; as if you are living in a dream
  • Depression, ranging from mild, to moderate, through to severe
  • Feeling lost, indecisive and aimless
  • Procrastination, time wasting, or finding it hard to sustain focus or effort
  • A lack of confidence and self-belief
  • Having a strong inner critic who puts you down and is always on your back
  • Phobias and anxieties; fearfulness

In my sessions, I offer a safe, supportive space to help you reconnect with your power and heal past wounds, whilst nurturing and developing your authenticity. Over time this work can bring about powerful and fundamental change, equipping you with skills to help you tackle the challenges of modern life.

What happens in a session?

  • Each session will last for around 90 minutes (please allow up to two hours). We will spend the first part of the session exploring together and honing the issue you choose to work on. This will form the intention for the journey.
  • The next part of the session involves journeying whilst we listen to drumming. I will be doing this journey for you, whilst you relax or meditate.
  • Finally, I recount the journey to you as a healing story. We discuss what the different aspects of the journey mean for you and ways for you to integrate the messages into your life.

Details and Cost

Paul Connery
I offer sessions online, and also in person one day a month on a Thursday from September 2022.
I ask for between £50 and £80, allowing the client to decide how much to pay.

For more information or to book yourself a healing session please contact me or click on ‘book an appointment’ below:
tel: 07807 239032

Please note – our cancellation policy

Introductory and Next Step Shamanism Workshops

Please note there are currently no workshops planned

The Introduction to Shamanism day explains the key components of core shamanism with Shamanic Practitioners, Paul Connery and Dan Khan. The day introduces people to what shamanism is, and what it can do, and the basics of how to do a shamanic journey, and a power animal retrieval. These workshops are experiential and people usually find them an eye-opening experience that opens a rich and amazing world of possibilities. Please book directly with Paul Connery

Additionally, Paul and Dan are offering Next Step days. These workshops are for people who have attended one of the introductory days, and who wish to delve a bit deeper into therapeutic shamanism, but who may not be able or ready to commit to the foundation courses at the present time. The workshops offer a variety of themes to explore.
Please book directly with Paul Connery