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Agata Alcañiz

My name is Àgata and I run Qigong sessions here at the Bodywise Health
Centre in the city centre, in The Yoga Rooms, Chorlton, and also, in
the Summer, outdoors in a few parks around Manchester.

I discovered Qigong by chance in 2011 when a Qigong teacher came to my
local GP to run a weekly class. Since then I started practicing Qigong
every morning, with the warming exercises and a form that I learnt in
these sessions. Without knowing anything else about it, what I really
loved about these gentle exercises is that, after the practice, the
day seemed to run smoother, not only physically but emotionally, and
kept me with a clear mind. Furthermore, if I stopped practicing due to
demanding work, I started suffering physically and emotionally.

I then decided to study Qigong with Master Liming Yue in his Chen
Style Tai Chi Centre in Manchester and became a qualified Qigong
instructor in 2017. Since then I’ve developed a deep interest in
energy work and meditation techniques. In 2018 I became a qualified
Holistic Shiatsu practitioner, a practice that is also based on
Traditional Chinese Medicine, and I carry on practicing professionally
and studying it at the Shiatsu College UK. Since 2015 I’ve been
studying Buddhism and practicing meditation at the Manchester Kadampa
Meditation Centre with Principal Teacher Gen Kelsang Lhachog. What a

I invite anyone to attend to my sessions to embrace my journey of
exploring and practicing Qigong and its health benefits.

Contact: Àgata Alcañiz
07854 960 773
Website: Qigong Manchester

For information about the class I teach at Bodywise: Qi Gong class at Bodywise