Jamie Rowland

Translated literally, Yoga means “Union”. Union of what? For Jamie, this union relates to reconnecting with our true selves—a practice of learning, discovery, or remembering who we are at our core. Jamie’s classes are designed to bring you out of your thinking mind and into the body with a strong focus on inner body awareness and attention to the breath. Physically, his classes can be strong and challenging in places, but the intention is always to bring about a deeply peaceful state through this movement, and student are always reminded that they can take the practice as they need with as much rest as is necessary. Ultimately, the primary purpose of Jamie’s classes are to bring students into a state of loving presence that stays with them long after leaving the mat.

Jamie’s philosophy is that Yoga is truly for everyone. Regardless of what you may believe is holding you back from practicing, be it physical impediments, lack of confidence, or anything in between, Jamie will endeavour to work with you to help you enjoy the fruits of this life changing practice.

Yoga changed Jamie’s life, and he believes it has the potential to change the world, and that this change starts right here, right now, with just…one…breath.

Jamie Rowland
Email: hello@rowlandyoga.com

Yoga with Jamie

Deep Vinyasa
Price: £10/£8 concessions
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